UK Seminar: Compost Tea in Practice

Eight countries were represented at the recent “Compost Tea in Practice” seminar and workshop held at the Laverstoke Park Education Center. Growing Solutions President Michael Alms was one of four guest speakers at this day long event organized by western European distributor Martin Lishman. Attendees from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States participated in this overview of compost tea production in the agricultural, horticultural, landscaping, nursery and municipal sectors.

Compost Tea in Practice Seminar and Workshop 2011
Growing Solutions President Michael Alms emphasizes the critical factors that determine the level of quality in compost tea production.
Compost Tea in Practice Seminar 2011
Michael Alms and Joel Reiten, Director of Seed Production for Seeds of Change, let the Compost Tea System100 do all the work during the field portion of the seminar.

Dave Hutchinson, UK compost tea consultant, chaired the event which included field production of compost tea and a tour of the Laverstoke Park Laboratory. Seeds of Change Director of Seed Production Joel Reiten and Symbio Ltd. Managing Director Martin Ward detailed their experiences with large scale compost tea production and application equipment. Critical factors for producing high quality compost tea were a key focus of the day, with Laverstoke Park microbiologist Vinodh Krishnamurthy leading the tour of the lab’s soil, compost and food analysis equipment and processes.

“Quality was the key word of the day,” Michael explained. “Across the board—from the type of compost to the method of application—there was consensus that using quality ingredients and equipment are the foundation of realizing the greatest cost benefits of compost tea in any sector.”

“Even though the use of compost tea is relatively new, we continue to see more and more segments of the agricultural and horticultural sectors finding success with tea applications,” Joel commented. A 15-year veteran of the compost tea industry, Joel was enthusiastic about the results of the day adding, “It’s exciting for me to see the evolution of the use of compost tea. The attendees, from across the globe, brought new and dynamic ideas to this growing industry.”


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