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Resource Links—Associations

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

ATTRA—A program of the National Center for Appropriate Technology—offers an English-language toll-free hotline at 800-346-9140 or a Spanish-language hotline at 800-411-3222 for expert advice about any sustainable-ag issues and farming practices.


eOrganic's website offers resources such as: Ask An Expert, articles, webinars, and videos. Their mission is to foster a research and outreach community, engage farmers and ag professionals through trainings and publications, and support research and outreach programs.

Grassroots Environmental Education

Grassroots is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the links between common environmental exposures and human health.

They have an EPA award-winning Grassroots Healthy Lawn Program ("GHLP") which is a multi-faceted pesticide reduction program designed to stimulate the supply and demand for natural lawn care among landscapers and homeowners. The program includes consumer education, professional training programs and outreach and liaison with retailers and manufacturers.

Vermiculture Technology: Earthworms, Organic Wastes, & Environmental Management

Co-edited by international earthworm expert Clive A. Edwards, Vermiculture Technology: Earthworms, Organic Wastes, and Environmental Management is the first international, comprehensive, and definitive work on how earthworms and microorganisms interact to break down organic wastes on a commercial basis. Many books cover the importance of composting for reducing the amount of organic wastes in landfills. This reference focuses on innovative vermiculture technology that turns organic waste into a value-added environmentally friendly products that can improve soil fertility and productivity on a large scale.

California Certified Organic Farmers

CCOF’s purpose is to promote and support organic agriculture in California and elsewhere through:
• A premier organic certification program for growers, processors, handlers, and retailers
• Programs to increase awareness of and demand for certified organic product and to expand public support for organic agriculture
• Advocacy for governmental policies that protect and encourage organic agriculture.

US Composting Council

The USCC is a trade and professional organization promoting compost. They provide a unified voice for the growing composting industry. The US Composting Council is involved in research, public education, composting and compost standards, expansion of compost markets and the enlistment of public support.

Hawaii Organic Farmers Association

HOFA Mission Statement:
Our mission is to protect the life of the land and the health of our communities through education about organic land care practices.
We believe that developing and strengthening certified organic farms will enhance Hawaii’s many fragile ecosystems and be a base for a local sustainable economy.

Oregon Tilth

Oregon Tilth is a non-profit research and education organization certifying organic farmers, processors, retailers and handlers throughout Oregon, the United States, and internationally. Oregon Tilth is a member-driven organization with chapters throughout the state, and members around the world. Their mission is to support organic and sustainable food production practices. Since 1974, Tilth has brought together individuals working to support and promote biologically sound and socially equitable agriculture.

Tilth Producers

Tilth Producers, a Chapter of Washington Tilth Association, is the organic and sustainable farm organization of Washington State. A membership organization of more than 400 Washington growers, Tilth Producers fosters and promotes ecologically sound, sustainable agriculture in the interest of environmental preservation, human health and social equity.

Resource Links—Providers

In Harmony

In Harmony, founded in 1994, provides a wide range of environmentally friendly landscaping and lawn-care services for customers throughout the Seattle metropolitan area.

Microbial Matrix Systems

Microbial Matrix Systems (MMS) offers analysis and advice to clients on how to build and sustain the biological component of their soil, compost, and compost tea. Our approach includes preliminary diagnosis, diagnostic testing, and reports. MMS reports interpret all findings in an understandable form to help clients manage the microbial biomass of soil, compost or compost tea. MMS founders have been actively involved in the discovery and development of soil, compost and compost tea technologies for 10 years.

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