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Who Uses Compost Tea?

"My research over the past four years has demonstrated the value of compost teas for organic fertilization and bio-disease control. I wouldn't consider organic production without including the use of compost tea produced with Growing Solutions' Systems."

Joel Reiten
Seed Production Manager
Seeds of Change


The use of compost tea in agriculture dates back thousands of years in many different cultures. Greek, Egyptian and Mayan agricultural practices all utilized compost extracts as a means of crop fertilization and sustainable soil building. Today these same practices are being implemented again through the use of compost and compost teas for the same reasons. In addition to soil and plant fertility, compost teas are also being incorporated into disease suppression programs as an effective and economical alternative method to standard chemical approaches. Compost tea is being used successfully worldwide for:
  • Conventional farming
  • Transitional farming
  • Organic farming

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