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Our Company

Growing Solutions, Incorporated develops and distributes products related to sustainable agriculture. As an emerging technology provider, we offer systems used worldwide to produce crops without environmental harm. We specialize in compost tea equipment—including our patented Compost Tea Systems—appropriate for a wide range of industry uses.

Compost Tea System Patent

United States Patent 6,649,405

Growing Solutions was issued U.S. Patent No. 6,649,405 on November 18, 2003, for its Compost Tea Systems. The patent covers Growing Solutions' innovative System design which features Fine Bubble Diffusion technology. Below is the official abstract:

“A compost tea system uses a water-holding tank for containing process water. Compost is immersed into the water in the tank in baskets defining a filter media. Air is pumped into membrane disk diffuser modules in the tank and the liquid is sparged with fine bubbles to thoroughly agitate the liquid, extract nutrients and microorganisms from the compost, and to ensure a high concentration of dissolved oxygen in the liquid. The high level of oxygen selects for desired aerobic organisms to produce a rich compost tea. The finished tea is drained out of the tank and the tank and its components are easily cleaned and sanitized.”

Quality Control Program

Measuring Success

The ultimate measure of success for compost tea production and use lies in the results—measured or visual—achieved in a particular application. Growing Solutions' Compost Tea Systems are designed to optimize the mechanical and biological processes of compost tea extraction. Our supporting products, such as Compost Tea Catalyst™ and Sonoma Valley Worm Farm Vermicompost help further optimize the process to achieve product consistency.


Growing Solutions has been a leader in the compost tea industry since 1996, and is committed to its successful evolution. We work with several laboratories that measure the microbial, chemical and physical characteristics of compost tea—both in the assessment of compost tea made in our Systems and in the formulation and selection of our supporting products.

Future Direction

As this industry unfolds, our goal is to continually improve our ability to provide quality products, services and useful information to our customers.

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U.S. Patent No. 6,649,405
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